Our Story

Every year, millions of products fail to make it to big box retail shelves because the packaging isn’t “perfect”. Tons of those products end up in landfills...harming our environment and wasting natural resources. That’s why we launched UglyBox. At UglyBox, we know you don’t care if a box is torn or damaged as long as the product inside is still amazing. Through our partnerships with big retailers, we are able to buy these torn up, ugly boxes for a great low price and pass big savings on to you! We offer three levels of product condition, Good as New, Almost New and Good ‘n Used. The prices match the quality so shop your budget and know that you’re getting one heck of a deal no matter what you choose! Wanna feel even better? At UglyBox we’ve made a commitment to only use packaging and materials that are 100% recyclable wherever we can. So help us save the environment one box at a time!