Mikasa “Trellis” Bone China 31PC Dinnerware Set, Good

Mikasa “Trellis” Bone China 31PC Dinnerware Set, Good

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Bone China is widely considered to be the finest type of dinnerware due to its high level of whiteness, superior strength and translucent properties. Mikasa “Trellis” Bone China offers a timeless, super-white design. It is an ideal choice for the most formal occasions.
This Bone China 36PC Dinnerware Set includes:

6 dinner plates: 4 cm / 10.8 in

6 salad plates: 1 cm / 8.7 in

5 soup/cereal bowls: 15.8 cm / 6.2 in. 800 mL / 27 fl.oz

5 mugs: 470 mL / 15.9 fl. Oz

5 Appetizer plates: 16.5 cm / 6.5 in

4 Fruits bowls: 6 cm / 4.2 in, 280mL / 9.4 fl.oz

  • Good:
    • Used, shows moderate use 
    • Used, has damage
    • Used, should have a description detailing the damage

From original 36 pieces, missing 1 bowl, 1 saucer, 1 cup and 2 small bowls
2 saucers have brown markings on them

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