Natural Stone 8.5 IN Double Sided Mortar and Pestle, Very Good

Natural Stone 8.5 IN Double Sided Mortar and Pestle, Very Good

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The molcajete has been used since the ancient Aztecs to prepare authentic dishes like guacamole, salsa, pico de gallo and mole. Preferred by Mexican chefs, it is the choice for preparing foods the traditional way. Our natural stone molcajete releases food's natural flavors and aromas superbly, develops a beautiful dark patina over time, and looks and performs better with age.

Make more flavorful guacamole the authentic way with this 8 1/2 in Natural Stone Mortar and Pestle. It releases foods natural flavors superbly and looks and performs better with age. Ideal for preparing authentic guacamole, salsa and mole. Also great for grinding chiles, grains, nuts, maize, spices and herbs, as well as mixing sauces and pastes.

Care instruction:

  • Mortar and pestle must be pre-seasoned before first use.
  • Hand wash only
  • Never use detergents, soaps or other cleaners to clean it because of the porous nature of the stone. To Wash, use water and vigorously scrub clean with a plastic brush and allow drying
  • Very Good:
    • Unused, slightly damaged
    • Unused, not entire pack/parts missing
    • Used, light use, still great condition 
  • Used, damaged box

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